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Spanish Programs for Teens and Kids


Please select the Spanish program that interests you, or the one which adapts best to your teen's specific needs:

SpanishBlackbelt is in charge of your teen's or kids's entire Spanish education. In addition to providing the practice needed to aid retention, our Spanish classes also provide the opportunity to develop a higher level of thinking skills and it aims at teaching how to use the Spanish language creatively.
SpanishBlackbelt can help your teen or child achieve success with her Spanish language program at school. Spanish tutoring is the ideal choice for teens that are stuggling with Spanish at school, where they are passive learners and they do not get to practice their speaking skills extensively.
SpanishBlackbelt offers a wide range of programs for test preparation. These programs are the perfect choice for teens who are seeking to improve their results in standardized tests such as the AP or the SAT or for teens who want to pass an exemption examination from a Spanish course at school.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Classes for students younger than 13 years of age will most likely be just 1-hour long.

  • Classes for teens and/or children older than 13 years of age will typically last 2 hours.

Sessions shorter than 1 hour are not available as they would not provide the student and teacher with sufficient time for the class dynamics which will always include ice breakers, content review, repetition, and practice with the language.

All participants for a private class (one-on-one or private self-assembled groups) ...

  • ...conducted in person should be at least 13 years old if no parent is present

  • ...conducted live online should be at least 8 years old if no parent is present

There is no minimum age for classes where at least one of the parents is always present and actively participates in the class.

We cannot make exceptions to the minimum ages if parents are not participating in the class.

Please note that if a parent required to be in class attempts to leave the class at any time without their children, the class will stop and any remaining time of that session will be considered used. The parent's participation will release our school from any liability that may arise from these classes. The care and safety of your children during class will be your sole responsibility.

Please keep in mind that we specialize in adult education and that our methodology, instruction, and materials are tailored towards the needs of adults and not to that of children. By signing up, you understand that we cannot dedicate time or resources to develop training materials for children and that the material for adults will be used under your supervision and will be your sole responsibility.

Pricing for private groups will vary depending on the size of the group. Each parent and each child over 4 years old will be counted as individual participants. If only one of the participants is older than 4 years old, the price that would apply would be that of one-on-one classes.

To be more accommodating to families, both parents and a kid, or 2 kids and a parent, can study in a private class and pay the regular price per hour for one-on-one classes.

Once your child or children turn(s) 16, he could also be considered for the small group classes that our school assembles. :)

Please note that you may look into other schools that specialize in teaching children and toddlers. Even though we neither know nor can recommend a language school of that type, you may do your own research and due diligence through and other sources.

You are welcome to stay during all/some of our Spanish tutoring sessions with your son/daughter.

For your peace of mind, you may be pleased to know that all of our Spanish tutors are background checked before they start tutoring teens and/or kids.

Having stated that, by enrolling, you agree to hold SpanishBlackbelt and any tutors or employees free and harmless of any liability for any/all claims arising out of the Spanish tutoring sessions. By enrolling you also accept full responsibility for the cost of treatment for any injury that, although unlikely, may be suffered by your teen/kid while attending his/her Spanish tutoring sessions and renounce your right to sue SpanishBlackbelt, its employees and tutors for any of these injuries.

Yes they can!

  • If parents share the same level of proficiency with their children, they will be able to participate just like any other student in the group. They will be counted as a participant for what regards to pricing.

  • If parents do not share the same level of proficiency with their children, they will be allowed to audit but not participate in class. Parents will not be counted as a participant for what regards to pricing.

Ideally they should not. Students of different levels should consider one of these alternatives:

  • Having separate one-on-one classes, or

  • Forming more than one private group so that each group only has participants of the same level, or

  • Joining a level-specific small group class that the school assembles, if they are 16 years old or over.

Yes, children of different ages can study together in the same class, and this approach is often referred to as "multi-age" or "mixed-age" grouping.

Some benefits include:

  • Peer Learning: Older students can mentor younger ones, which can enhance their understanding of the material. Younger students can be inspired by the achievements of older peers.

  • Social Development: Children learn to interact with a wider range of age groups, which can improve social skills and empathy.

  • Reduced Competition: Multi-age classes often have less competition among students, leading to a more collaborative and supportive environment.
  • Private self-assembled groups are groups that the students themselves form... with their family members, friends, etc. In contrast, the groups that you find on our website are groups that the school forms, where individuals join others that have joined individually as well. These groups found on our website are only available for students 16 years of age and up.

    Our tutor's primary focus is on your teen's learning experience during our sessions. While our tutor won't directly communicate with your teen's teachers, your teen is encouraged to bring any class materials, past or present, to our sessions. Additionally, we welcome communication from your teen's school teacher, either directly or through your teen, to share any relevant information they believe would be beneficial. Our tutor is committed to adapting the class objectives and methods to incorporate any suggested or necessary improvements. We're here to support your teen's academic journey in the best way possible, and your input is highly valued.

    We can assist with assembling after school Spanish classes provided that they are conducted live online over Zoom video.



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