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What Our Students Say They Love About Our Native Spanish Tutors

Key Benefits

SpanishBlackbelt is perfect for people who really want to learn Spanish but haven't had much success before. It's also great for those who need Spanish for traveling or work, for new students who want to learn but don't know where to start, for people who want practice that fits their needs, for those who forgot a lot since they last learned Spanish somewhere else, and for people who can read and write Spanish but need help speaking it better.

These testimonials attest to this...

''She was kind and understanding, as well as motivating and engaging!'' Jul 13 2024

''Glenys provided the type of guidance that I as a heritage Spanish speaker really need. She was incredibly knowledgeable and did not take herself too seriously at all times.'' Jul 01 2024

''Mindful of strengths and weaknesses, flexible agenda and class time was all in Spanish'' Jun 25 2024

''Adrian is very patient,observant, attentive and pleasant. He provides a session atmosphere which invites learning and curiosity. He seems to tweak the delivery of the lesson's topics in a style in which all students, regardless of the slight difference in language exposure, can absorb the information and verbally participate without fear. His flexibly teaching style allows for more emphasis on areas of confusion; however, we continue to cover each lesson to its fullest. The first few minutes of each session begins with "...tell me about your weekend" or some topic. There is no escaping this conversation for each person must answer. This zooms me into Spanish mode. It also starts my tongue to loosen. I enjoy his inclusion of sentence or paragraph reading, short videos (various accents) and class conversation to improve pronunciation, listening and comprehension skills. Adrian always asks if each topic covered was understood and he allows time review, if needed. I truly enjoy my lessons because as Adrian says, in Spanish: It's easy, [*]!'' Jun 05 2024

''Patricia was very personable and professional. I was lucky to learn from her.'' Jun 05 2024

''I can’t say enough good things about Adrian. This was third my class with him. He explains things in a way that makes Spanish seem uncomplicated. He is patient, supportive and builds one’s confidence. I am able to understand, read and speak Spanish at a level that far exceeds my starting point. In other language classes I’ve had, I’d peter out after a certain point and thought that learning a language was not in the cards for me. These classes are formatted so you build on one element at a time and, as long as you do your homework, it’s never really difficult. β€œEs fΓ‘cil, verdad?” is a phrase that Adrian uses every week and my classmates and I always nod in agreement because Adrian makes it seem easy. Each class also builds on the previous class so you are constantly reviewing previous content. I’ll be continuing with the light blue level and am so excited to advance my Spanish abilities.'' Jun 04 2024

''He uses great material and always finds examples that fit well for me and my friend. It feels like the classes are created just for us'' Jun 04 2024

''Loved my tutor, she did a great job with making sure everyone understood the lessons and clarified any confusions that she noticed we had. She positively encouraged everyone, and never reprimanded if someone forgot to the homework or anything. Always positive reinforcement and encouragement - this made the learning environment very positive for everyone and made me excited to go to class!'' Jun 02 2024

''I think she did a good job at making sure that I got to practice my speaking skills and helped me catch and revise my mistakes.'' May 18 2024

''Gian Carlo has been really wonderful ... I have some recent personal life issues/changes that have impacted my ability to focus and study and Gian Carlo has been really understanding and willing to go at my slower pace without getting frustrated with me ... I'm really thankful for my spanish classes with him :)'' May 16 2024

''Gladys is so patient and supportive. She is really good at helping us get through difficult conversation or grammatical/vocabulary challenges.'' May 15 2024

''Patricia was engaging, fun, clear and continuously offered positive reinforcement.'' May 13 2024

''Glennys is very easygoing and patient - and explains concepts really well. She's very encouraging and makes the lessons highly interactive so we get great practice.'' May 13 2024

''Very personable, responsive, provides extra follow-up explanations after class, extremely thorough.'' Apr 19 2024

''He made the exercises enjoyable and real life scenarios to speak in spanish and progress as a student'' Apr 11 2024

''They were personable. '' Apr 09 2024

''Carolina is unfailingly helpful, inspiring, conversant, and fun.'' Apr 07 2024

''Very patient with all the students and encouraging when they made mistakes. Explained things very clearly.'' Apr 03 2024

''The tutor's patience allowed and listened to questions and adjusted chapter's coverage speed based on the students grasp of its content. '' Mar 28 2024

''I have had teachers in the past but not tutors, so it is hard to compare since there is a difference in having a classroom teacher and one that teaches in a small group. But my experience with my tutor is much better than any past teachers. She is a dynamic tutor, and pushes you to use the language. It feels important to be prepared for her class as a result. She is very patient, and always gives lots of encouragement, despite one's own doubts. She is always well prepared and readily explains concepts, always leaving room for questions.'' Mar 19 2024

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