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Toys in Spanish


LeapFrog Pesca letras

Six exciting learning games challenge children to find letters, hear their sounds, and create words in Spanish. Jumping fish light up to reward correct answers, and music adds to the fun¿press a letter to hear a catchy tune! Spanish.


Burakito -rummy for kids

Una versión infantil del clásico Burako- Rummy, desarrollando en tres niveles para facilitar el aprendizaje de los niños. Para niños de mas de 5 años. A childrens version of the classic game of: Burako-"Rummy". It has 3 different types of levels in order to easy up its learning. 5 Years and Older



Monopoly Spanish Edition is a great way to practice your language skills, and it makes the perfect gift for a Spanish-speaking friend! As in the classic game, players go around the board buying properties and collecting rent. Monopoly Spanish Edition is great for both the fluent speaker as well as the Spanish language student. For 2 - 8 players.


Scrabble en español

Spanish Scrabble plays just like the classic Scrabble, but different letter values on the tiles correspond with Spanish language usage. It's a great way to practice Spanish as a second language! So challenge your friends to a game in Espanol! Includes genuine wood letter tiles and racks, plus a handy pouch to store tiles. Game board and instructions in Spanish. For 2 to 4 players.

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