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Spanish Fanaticos Clubs

Meet local Spanish language and culture lovers in your neighborhood to:

  • practice with your Spanish conversational skills at a social networking event, or
  • participate in Spanish grammar and Spanish literature workshops

Come to a Spanish Fanaticos Meetup event and make new amigos while speaking in Spanish, learning new vocabulary, putting your grammar knowledge into practice and/or simply brushing up your Spanish skills!

These groups aim at providing Spanish students and native Spanish speakers with the opportunity to locally connect, practice and learn from each other in a very informal manner. So come join us for FREE and start receiving notifications of events that might be of your interest! We'd love to have you as a part of our group.

Spanish Black Belt organizes events within these groups to facilitate interaction and relationships across the Latino culture and other cultures.

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Washington DC
Conversational Spanish Club

Conversational Spanish Club

Conversational Spanish Club 

Conversational Spanish Club


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