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Testimonials of Satisfied Students in Seattle

"SpanishBlackbelt is the easiest, fastest, and most affordable way to learn Spanish. My tutor Susana was such a pleasure. She was very involved, totally present and made my learning experience highly enjoyable. I highly recommend SpanishBlackbelt and especially my tutor Susana".

Selena Valentine


Many of our Spanish students have chosen to share their experiences so you can learn more about what to expect from our Spanish program, as follows...

Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Very nice man, seemed to genuinely care about his students. Professional, on-time, and clear communicator when it came to class logistics.'' 2018-06-21 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Claudio was good at explaining concepts and was very helpful at all times. My answer to question 15 is not accurate because I don't have another tutor to compare Claudio to. '' 2018-06-04 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Made class fun'' 2018-06-03 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Claudio was fantastic. He was patient and thorough, always answering my questions in detail and revisiting them to solidify the concept. When it was clear that I grasped something easily (although rare) he moved on, and when I struggled with something he made sure to spend extra time on it until I clearly understood it. He also made sure to speak in Spanish to me at a level that progressed with my learning, which I really appreciated. I cannot say enough about Claudio and only wish I had more time and money to learn Spanish from him.'' 2018-05-25 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Patient and good at explaining and patient with our questions '' 2018-05-10 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Not one thing.'' 2018-05-09 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt She was very patient and encouraging and pleasant to talk to. '' 2018-04-11 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Maria was approachable but also very prepared. I enjoyed her style of teaching!'' 2018-03-30 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Maria was great at explaining concepts and providing useful examples that apply to everyday life. She was really helpful with bringing the theory into everyday conversation.'' 2018-01-31 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Maria Teresa was able to figure out very quickly what I knew well and where the gaps in my knowledge were. She mixed the lessons up -- some grammar, some exercises, and some conversation. She always brought the subjects we had already covered back into the lesson for review. She added material from other websites for me to review important topics. Most of all she was positive, encouraging, and fun! I look forward to my next level with her!'' 2018-01-20 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Good explainations and spoke in spanish most of the time.'' 2017-11-07 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Lourdes is very friendly and personable.'' 2017-11-06 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Enforcing concepts, introducing new words'' 2017-10-31 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Very engaging and fun to talk to'' 2017-10-30 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Maria Teresa is friendly and fun to talk with. She makes learning Spanish easy and fun. She does a great job of clarifying points in the lessons that I had questions about. She also does a wonderful job at tailoring the lessons to our learning style.'' 2017-09-29 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt I really enjoyed my classes with Dalia. It is obvious that she enjoys teaching Spanish. She was really encouraging and never made us feel embarrassed for getting a word wrong or not knowing something. I thought this was great as I had never taken a Spanish class before and had limited knowledge of the language. I liked the way the Dalia incorporated information about things in her home country of Mexico. It really added to my enjoyment of the class and my ability to learn and apply the language. I especially liked the game, Loreteria that we played. It explained some of the customs and allowed us to use our limited knowledge of Spanish. '' 2017-09-08 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Maria was very patient and resourceful in helping me understand the grammer.'' 2017-08-31 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Lourdes is an exceptional teacher in every way. She is patient and knowledgeable and always well prepared. She seems to understand my weaknesses when conversing in Spanish without overcorrecting but enough so that I am constantly learning. I really enjoy our conversations and always look forward to our next session. And, although I credit my own efforts in part for my improvement, I also know for a fact that I could not have improved as much I did without Lourdes's help.'' 2017-08-02 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Very friendly and willing to share Latin-American culture as well as language.'' 2017-06-07 00:00:00
Key Benefit SpanishBlackBelt Took the time to explain everything and moved slower/faster depending on how well I grasped the topics.'' 2017-03-24 00:00:00

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