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One-on-One Spanish Classes
in Skype

Observe that tuition is cheaper when you take classes on weekdays between 8am and 5pm.


Tailored One-on-One Spanish Classes in Skype

(Includes unlimited access to our online student center)

Weekdays between
8am and 5pm
$698/level (16 hours)
after 5pm
and weekends
$735/level (16 hours)


*Requires upfront purchase of 1 full level (a total of 16 hours). Significant volume discounts available if registering for more than one level upfront.


If you are a current or former student, you can, despite the prices listed on this page, sign up for more classes by just submitting the same net amount you submitted last time for the same number of levels, format (one-on-one, excluded free upgrades), time frame and meeting location type, if more convenient for you, provided that:

  1. No more than 1 year has elapsed since you had your last term, AND

  2. You did your homework, attended all of your sessions on time and got a passing grade.


Enroll Risk Free

You will get a full refund if not fully satisfied with your first session.

Spanish Blackbelt


Observe that it is...

even cheaper if pre-paying for more levels upfront!
(up to 9% cheaper)

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Spanish classes in Skype
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